October 7th SF Bay Area & December Texas shows

Jolie Holland • Michael James Tapscott • October 7th @ The Ivy Room

This coming Thursday, October 7th in the SF Bay Area, I’m returning to the Ivy Room, this brilliant lesbian-owned bar and venue in Albany. I’ll be bringing one of my favorite drummers, the very beautiful Tim Carr, with my bandmate Stevie Weinstein-Foner on baritone guitar. Then later on in the year, I’m playing some dates in Texas, mostly as a duo with Stevie, but I’ll definitely have some special guests at some of these shows- 

  • December 9 Dallas, TX: Wild Detectives
  • December 10 Austin, TX: Radio Coffee And Beer 
  • December 11 Austin, TX: The Longline with Thor Harris, Little Mazarn and Knife In The Water
  • December 12 San Antonio, TX: Echo Bridge Society   

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I became a worker in song so that I could participate in the mysteries. I wanted to be an alchemist: take the raw experience of life, and transform it into magic spells for perseverance, energy, flight.
I started doing this for myself, but then other people began to make use of my work as well. I am so honored that people have incorporated my music into their lives: People have told me how they’ve used my music to help themselves feel, heal, love, grieve, celebrate, dream and imagine.

I’m doing this for you, and for us. It’s impossible for me to do this work without support. Thank you for keeping this music alive.