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Lunatic Tarot Deck


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“My old friend Stefan Jecusco was a massively influential character behind the scenes of Escondida. He inspired four of its twelve tracks and lent some of his non-traditional Tarot to be part of the artwork for Escondida. Stefan was working on that Tarot when I met him 22 years ago. As part of promotional materials for the vinyl release, I have made sets of this reimagined Tarot. These are the first decks that have ever been made for people outside of our circle of friends. Known as the Lunatic Tarot or the Lunar Tarot, it is focused on the concerns of artists. The cards do a fine job of explicating, in symbolic form, the struggles and existential dilemmas we faced as extremely poor young artists on the fringes, attempting to make sense of the world. We have shirts, totes, magnets and postcards that use imagery from this Tarot. We offer a deck along with a booklet that explains how to interpret the cards. Aside from being an incredible visual artist, Stefan is also an amazing musician and craftsperson. He built my main amp and made one of the violins I play on tour.” -Jolie Holland October, 2019